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Appointments available in the Hertfordshire and Cambridge area. For a fast and friendly service, contact me here.

Ruth Holden

P.TechCert AGSM (Performance and Teaching)

Ruth completed her piano tuning education at The Piano Technology School in Northampton. Along with tunings, she can make minor repairs and adjustments to your piano as and when required such as sticking keys and squeaking pedals. She has also participated in training days at Steinway (London) and at Kawai (Milton Keynes).

She is also an apprentice member of The Piano Tuners Association (PTA) and a student member of The Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (IMIT) and is actively involved with events and keeping up with current trends in the piano trade.

Ruth is also a trained musician having studied at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama as a harpist and she continues to perform all over the world with many British orchestras as well as in London's West End. She also teaches the harp and piano.

Tuning a Piano

All manufacturers recommend that your piano is tuned every 6 months to keep it at pitch. If your piano is tuned less frequently it may need a longer tuning OR several tunings to bring it back to the stability required.

The main causes for your piano going out of tune are:

  • Playing it - the more and harder it is played, the more the tuning will be affected.
  • Temperature and Humidity - if your piano is situated in a hot or cold location (near radiators or open windows) the tuning will fluctuate. This also applies to pianos that are in a room where there are clothes drying or anywhere with moisture, such as kitchens or bathrooms!


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Ashwell, Herts SG7 5QH

07976 155997

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